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Dosimeter Requests

To request a dosimeter, please complete the form listed below. Dosimeters are only issued to people who have completed the radiation safety training requirements for the type of ionizing radiation where they will work. Once complete, submit this form to our department for processing. It will take approximately one week before your dosimeter arrives at the university. If you are going to work around ionizing radiation sooner, please indicate on the request form that you will need a spare dosimeter.

How to View Dosimeter Results

You can view your processed dosimeter readings at any time through the Landauer website. You will need your current dosimeter with you to enter the serial numbers printed on the device.

Landauer website

The username for the university account is: UTKRadiationdose

The password is: Dosimeter

The dose data is categorized based on the federal occupational dose limits.  Any dose measured on spare dosimeters is transferred over to the person once their official dosimeter is issued. There is a glossary on the webpage that will describe the various terms on the page.

If you have any further questions about accessing your results or how to interpret them, please contact the department.

Dosimeter Deletions/Information Change

If one of these conditions applies:

  • You no longer need a dosimeter.
  • Your name has changed.
  • You will be working for a different P.I.

Please complete the form below and submit it to our office.

Radiation Exposure History

If you need information about the radiation exposure you received while working at UT, please submit a request for your occupational radiation exposure.  Information needed will include the dates you were monitored, the principal investigator you worked for, and your contact information.


RSF-058 Dosimeter Request Form

Dosimeter Deletion Form

RSF-056 Radiation Exposure History Release