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Radioactive waste should be properly stored and secured in laboratories. Waste needs to be stored in leak proof storage containers or bags. The outside of the containers should be free from contamination. The waste should be labeled:

  • Caution Radioactive Material
  • Isotope (If you have any questions about isotopes used at UT, please contact the Radiation Safety Department.)
  • Activity
  • Date of collection
  • Volume of liquid
  • P.I. name

If you are collecting radioactive liquid waste, please document what else is in the liquid that is not radioactive. Do not put solids in liquid waste containers.

Please segregate any metal waste items. Metal must be disposed of separately from our typical waste.

Contact our department at or place a request through EHSA when you have waste that is ready for pick-up.

Please notify our department if you are going to combine radioactive substances with hazardous materials. Mixed hazardous waste is costly to dispose. If you have questions about whether a substance is hazardous, contact our office or your campus Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Visit the EPA Hazardous Waste website for additional information.