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Any person who will handle or work near ionizing radiation is required to receive training regarding hazards and safe practices. Training is required before you are working with the items. Our training programs require a periodic refresher – generally on an annual basis. You must complete the requirements for the refresher trainings so you will remain authorized to use or work around ionizing radiation.  Some of our training programs are completed online. Contact our office for your training requirements.

Open Source Training Class

The open source general radiation safety training is generally scheduled once a month. This training is for everyone working in a lab setting with open/loose sources of radioactive materials (powders, liquids, gases). Below you will find our upcoming training schedule. If you need training and cannot make one of the scheduled times listed, contact our office. The training usually takes 3 hours to complete. It covers radiation hazard information, exposure monitoring, safe use practices, instrumentation, and basic procedures for radiation workers on campus. After the lecture and exercises, you will take an examination on the training material.

Spring 2020

Please note that current future classes are Cancelled or to be determined as operations on canvas change.

Class Date Location Time
Radiation Safety (RSD)
Open Source Training
 Jan 07 122 UT Drive Services Bldg A 1:00-4:30 pm
RSD Open Source Feb 04 122 UT Drive Services Bldg A 1:00-4:30 pm
RSD Open Source Mar 03 122 UT Drive Services Bldg A 1:00-4:30 pm
RSD Open Source Apr 02 122 UT Drive Services Bldg A Canceled
RSD Open Source Apr 23 122 UT Drive Services Bldg A TBD
RSD Open Source May TBA 122 UT Drive Services Bldg A TBD



*Our new office is located on the corner of Volunteer Boulevard and UT Drive.

To sign up for one of our courses, e-mail

Online Training

Several of our initial and annual refresher training programs are available online through UT Canvas. These include: Radioactive Sealed Source, X-ray Machine, and Radiation Safety Training for the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. To gain access to these trainings, you must be registered by our department.

Access Training

If your job requires you to enter areas that are posted for radioactive materials or x-ray machines, contact our department for access and applicable training requirements.