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Transferring Labs to Inactive Status Reduces Burden of Oversight

Faculty who possess a permit for radioactive materials can easily transfer their laboratory to an inactive status if there are periods of time when radioactive chemicals are not being routinely used. Faculty can remove the burden of contamination surveys, quarterly inventory verification, and dosimeter charges by officially removing all radioactive hazards from their labs.

Radiation Safety recommends that faculty explore this option if it is anticipated that there will be large gaps in time (six months or more) before radioactive materials are needed again. To accomplish this, Radiation Safety will need to perform decommission surveys in the lab to confirm that no radiation hazards remain.

As long as the workers fulfill their annual hazard training requirements, the transition back to an active radioactive materials work area will occur the next time radioactive materials are purchased.

Email Radiation Safety, or call 974-5580, if this option interests you.